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Argos Surface Technologies announces new company merger


With the new Argos Srl a multi-establishment company with a wide range of treatments is born

Confirming the dynamism that characterises the Argos Surface Technologies Group, we inform you that as of 1 October 2022, the corporate merger between Argos Nickel, Tecrimet, Argos Impreglon and Argos Anodizing, four of the seven companies that make up the Group, created in July 2020 by the ‘Gradiente II Fund’, managed by Gradiente SGR, will be active.

Below are the figures of the new merging company:

  • Company name: Argos S.r.l.
  • Registered office: Viale delle Industrie 20, 20040 Cambiago (MI)
  • Tax code: 84005730167
  • VAT NO: 05074180158

The five factories involved in the merger – Cambiago, Monteveglio, Calcio, Origgio and Opera – while retaining their technical activities, they will be able to count on an enhanced structure and will have a turnover of € 21,500,000 with a total of 170 employees.

This will increase the financial strength of the new organisation and its investment capacity, a result more than proportional to the mere sum of the potential of the individual pre-existing units.

Another fundamental objective of the merger, which is part of an already well-established integration process, is the search for operational, administrative and corporate synergies, particularly in the area of sales and procurement policies. In fact, this operation will rationalise the Group’s structure by improving decision-making processes and managing resources and structural costs more effectively and efficiently.

The merger is part of a broader Group consolidation project which will extend beyond this operation. In fact, the Argos ST Group is set to close the financial year 2022 with a turnover of around € 50.000.000 for a total of 335 employees, counting the other three companies not involved in the merger; these figures are net of further potential acquisitions.

We refer you to the appropriate sections of the site for all technical and logistical information on our range of treatments and invite you to contact the individual plants for any clarification you may require.