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The Group

About Us

With the know-how of its important constituent companies, Argos Surface Technologies group offers a range of solutions to satisfy a vast and diverse array of customers.


Our History

Argos Surface Technologies group stems from the union of important companies in the field of metal treatments and surface coatings, with the aim of becoming a leader in the sector.



Argos Group certifications guarantee the best reproducible quality for both individual parts and mass-produced products.

Argos Surface Technologies group is a strong leader on the coatings and treatments market thanks to its long-standing constituent companies.

The group’s goal is to further increase its business value, adding other purchases in the short to medium term to bring ever-evolving and up-to-date know-how and functional resources to increasingly precise and efficient production. All this, without forgetting the cornerstone of the group’s philosophy: a focus on customers.

Argos Surface Technologies aims to become a point of reference for surface treatments, combining not only treatment application and logistics operations, but also expanding its range of action to cover different requests regarding specifications and procedures in the various sectors.