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Express Service

Our 'Express Service' guarantees the return of your coated parts in just a few days. The service is activated at your simple request and confirmed quickly by the production department.


‘Delivery in 2-3 days’

In addition to ordinary processing, with average delivery times typical of the market, Argos offers customers its exclusive ‘Express Service’.

The ‘Express Service’ is activated at your simple request, after confirmation from our production department regarding feasibility. Your coated parts will be delivered in just a few days.

Since the coating phase comes at the end of the production/construction cycle, it is subject to any delays accumulated in previous steps. In such situations, our Express Service plays a decisive role in accelerating delivery times, thus reducing machine downtime and delays and avoiding possible penalties.

To ensure maximum transparency and clarity, all Argos customers receive an order confirmation with details about the processing costs and expected delivery date.