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The Group


Certifications held by Argos ST Group guarantee the best reproducible quality for both single components and mass-produced products.


The constant pursuit of high-quality products and the longstanding know-how allow Argos ST to offer tailored solutions aimed at satisfying any specific need of a heterogeneous clientele. Our team deeply monitors and controls every manufacturing process, from prototyping through end-of-line inspection and final packaging. Every single product is subject to our rigorous quality control standards, ensuring our client’s expectations are always met.

Quality management system

The quality management system has been developed in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001 (and IATF 16949 for Borgaro Torinese plant) and pursues the increase of efficiency and effectiveness of the company system, through the continuous monitoring of all business processes and the improvement of performances.

Fully exploiting the synergism that the Group can provide, Argos ST general goals are:

  • Strengthen the market positioning by continuously improving its performance in terms of products supplied and services provided, in compliance with the regulatory context and legislations;
  • Become the global supplier of cutting-edge surface technology, strengthening both service quality and widespread distribution;
  • Become a stable and flexible partner, able to satisfy various requests deriving from the uniqueness of diversified customers, through business processes focused on the relevant matters of the Quality system;
  • Offer integrated solutions to all supply issues, including technical support and logistics services, such as collection and delivery directly to the customer’s site;
  • Constantly inform and train the internal staff and collaborators on topics relating to Quality system, in order to increase involvement, professional competence and awareness, according to every position held;
  • Involve suppliers and outsourcers by setting up a relationship based on partnership aimed at achieving shared goals;
  • Target and monitor the context of the Company and the needs/expectations of all the Stakeholders, to understand which factors might affect the System capabilities in achieving the foreseen results by identifying real risks and opportunities;
  • Plan strategies aimed at steady improvement, based on the continuous monitoring of the Quality business processes, all the feedback information and the indicators generated by the Quality Management System.

Customer relationship management

More specifically, regarding the Customer relationship management, the implementation of the Quality System seeks to:

  • Base the relationship with the Customer on maximum collaboration, evaluating and promptly answering to any request, proposing tailored solutions and understanding any implicit needs that might be satisfied or generate new service opportunities;
  • Make the Organization able to supply state of art products and services, in order to immediately satisfy the Customer and minimize the request for corrective measures;
  • Analyse and predict client’s expectations and needs, in order to improve and adjust the strategic processes;
  • Acquire new customers;
  • Constantly upgrade the reliability degree in terms of customer care;
  • Imprint transparency, correctness, loyalty, integrity and trustworthiness in the relation with all involved parties, to foster ethics in all Company processes ;
  • Enhance the customer satisfaction;
  • Manage any customer complaint, deeply analysing the cause and the reason, with the purpose of reducing it over time;
  • Prevent and manage non-conformities and emergencies on products, processes and legislative requirements;
  • Strengthen and consolidate the commercial department and the supply chain both for products and services.

The achievement of such objectives is entrusted to relevant positions and functions of all Argos ST branch offices.

In order to pursuit the provisions, Argos ST Top Management has:

  • implemented its Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, by adjusting what previously arranged, in terms of documentation management and definition of tasks, responsibilities and qualifications within the Organization. The Quality System is subjected to periodical Certification, in accordance with the above standards, by an Accredited Third-Party Body;
  • made investments to optimize the company workforce, environment and work areas, in accordance with applicable laws and current regulations;
  • engage performance improvement schedules with definition of the strategies to be undertaken and the required resources and means to achieve the targets set in advance;

The specific outcomes, together with the quality policy, are defined and regularly revised by the Company management, during the periodical Quality system review.

Click here to download all the certifications held by each Argos ST plant.