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Industries: choose the best coatings based on the application

At Argos, our long experience in the coatings market has enabled us to create solutions unique to each industry, optimizing the yield of production processes with specific, high-quality treatments.


Industries and Applications

The industry and types of application are the starting point for every Argos product.

Each industrial sector and market has its own unique aspects and specific requirements arising from the use of particular machinery and specific components, as well as processing substances, materials, and products with different characteristics.

Starting from this fundamental point, Argos has defined a line of development for its coatings and treatments which covers the most varied requests based on your individual needs. The aim is to optimize productivity while improving the performance of machinery and increasing its working life by reducing downtime and damage, as well as ensuring faster, easier cleaning and maintenance.

Argos is the ideal partner when you want to achieve maximum production efficiency, providing solutions designed around your specific needs. We are a benchmark in the coatings and treatments industry. Based on the specific coating properties, our consultants at Argos Surface Technologies provide support and assistance designed to guide you towards the most suitable solution to improve the production plant and maximize the efficiency of your company.

Coating application industries and surface treatments

At Argos, our extensive experience in the coatings market has enabled us to create ad-hoc solutions for every type of industry, optimizing production yield with specific, high-quality treatments.

Argos Surface Technologies coatings are therefore designed to improve the productivity of the widest range of companies and industries, from companies in the rubber and plastics sector to those involving oil and gas, from the printing and textile industry to the food and automotive industries.

The following are just a few of the key coatings and treatments dedicated to meeting the needs of a wide range of industry:

Oil & Gas

Coatings resistant to the corrosive action of oils and acids;


Polymer coatings and fluoropolymer non-stick coatings for easy cleaning and maintenance of valves, taps, beverage dispensers, boilers, hoppers, augers, tanks, cylinders, etc;

Textiles and printing

Corrosion-resistant coatings and abrasive treatments for sliding surfaces, clamps, washers, pulleys, covers, rollers and cylinders, shrouds and taping machines for textile processing;


Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant treatments;


Non-stick coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and lubricants to improve the performance of individual parts, such as hinges, seals, brake components, screw conveyors, injectors, valves, etc;

Chemical & Pharma

Non-stick and anti-corrosion treatments to protect equipment and promote easy and thorough cleaning;


Non-stick, corrosion-proof, smooth and abrasion-resistant coatings to facilitate the release of glues and adhesives, allowing products to slide.


Aluminium is now replacing many traditional metals and plastic parts. Thanks to its extreme workability and inexpensive operation, this replacement is made possible due to the ability to treat the surface in a variety of ways that make the machined part valuable and pleasant to see and touch. It is a favourite material of designers and engineers for components of all kinds.

Lighting Technology

The possibility of applying special mechanical processing, as well as special finishes and colours has enabled the lighting technology sector to expand its range with designer creations with a strong aesthetic, technical and functional impact.


Today, more than ever, quality, functionality, appearance and design are the main characteristics required by the market, and summing up all these aspects, aluminium comes out the master.

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