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Properties: choose the best coatings based on the properties

Solutions designed for maximum performance and any requirement.


Features and properties of coatings and treatments by Argos Surface Technologies

When it comes to surface coatings and treatments, every company has specific requirements in terms of properties. Indeed, depending on the industry and the plant, machinery and products used in the production cycle, every company has specific needs.

Coating properties relate to the effects of certain treatments on the surface to which they are applied. These properties improve the material qualities, leading to increased productivity, reduced risks and damage, and easier cleaning and maintenance in the industrial environment.

With the aim of improving the performance of production cycles and extending the productive life of your equipment, the Argos Group has developed a range of industrial coatings and treatments specifically designed to improve company performance. Whether to improve the anti-adhesion properties of your machinery, enhance corrosion protection or high temperature resistance, ensure friction-free operation or to facilitate cleaning of your machinery, improve wear resistance or increase surface hardness. Whatever the need, Argos has the right solution for your business.

Given the wide range of market sectors and considerable diversity of production processes we work with at Argos, the Group has developed a range of coatings and surface treatments capable of covering the entire range of properties required by various companies.

Wear resistance

The use of specific wear-resistance coatings lends surfaces greater hardness and resistance to wear and abrasion. These coatings are adopted in sectors where high protection is required, such as the automotive, packaging and printing sectors, and the mechanical industry in general.


These properties are conferred on products by means of nickel plating or fluoropolymer coatings and anodizing, which reduce the friction coefficient and make surfaces smoother.


Argos coatings and treatments give the treated surfaces elevated hardness. The main treatments include nickel-plating, hard anodizing and thermal spray, which provide greater wear resistance in the presence of abrasive materials such as textiles and paper.

Corrosion protection

The use of special corrosion-resistant coatings, with thicknesses ranging from 30 microns to 1 millimetre, creates chemical protection barriers against highly corrosive agents such as acids or weathering. They are particularly popular in the oil & gas, automotive and electrical sectors.


Argos nickel plating guarantees uniform thicknesses on parts of any shape, even in the presence of complex geometries, eliminating the need for costly mechanical finishing such as grinding. This leads to excellent protection of internal areas, such as holes or cavities, and total respect for the underlying roughness, without the need for final grinding.


Argos coatings, specifically electroless nickel plating such as Niploy and ENP SH, fuse perfectly with silver and tin-lead alloys. Extremely thin layers of less than 10 microns also make it possible to fuse stainless steel and aluminium.


At Argos, we like to look around us at trade fairs and showrooms. Capturing the trends in strategic sectors such as furniture and automobiles means we can anticipate the needs of designers and suggest possible solutions.

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