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At Argos, attention to each individual request is a fundamental aspect of our relationship with customers, for whom we provide timely, targeted and professional assistance.


Contact us to request information on our coatings and surface treatments

    Electroless nickel plating

    Cambiago (MI)

    Via delle Industrie, 20, 20040 Cambiago (MI)

    Electroless nickel plating

    Monteveglio (BO)

    Via Galileo Galilei, 6, 40053 Valsamoggia Loc. Monteveglio (BO)

    Electroless nickel plating

    Calcio (BG)

    Via Francia, 1, 24054 Calcio (BG)

    Polymers & Thermal Spray

    Origgio (VA)

    Via del Lavoro, 19, 21040 Origgio (VA)


    Minerbio (BO)

    Via Marzabotto, 6, 40061 Minerbio (BO)

    Anodizing & Hard anodizing

    Opera (MI)

    Via Staffora, 20, 20090 Opera (MI)

    Colour anodizing

    Imola (BO)

    Via Ortignola, 24, 40026 Imola (BO)

    Painting and cataphoresis

    Gonzaga (MN)

    Via O. Neri, 27, 46023 Gonzaga (MN)