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Aluminium shot blasting and micro-shot blasting

Micro shot blasting is a mechanical process in the sandblasting sector that uses specialized automatic machines to treat profiles and small parts.


What are shot blasting and micro-shot blasting and how do they work?

Micro-shot blasting is a mechanical process in the sandblasting sector, carried out on profiles and small parts using automatic machines specialized for this particular process.

The surface is treated before colouring or electrolytic colouring, creating a velvety touch and a pleasant appearance. The different types of materials used in the machine define the final appearance and technical impact. With micro shot blasting, the surface of the aluminium is finely sandblasted before anodizing or chemical brightening.
Profiles with lengths of up to 6500 mm can be treated.

The micro shot blasting process is the best system for obtaining physically and chemically clean surfaces. Shot blasting also enhances the mechanical properties of the product, and its hardness in particular. After sandblasting, the molecules are in a state of relaxation, which reduces the layers of tension, also improving the fatigue resistance of the treated aluminium surface.

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