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Aluminium etching or satin finishing

Aluminium satin finishing or etching uses a chemical process to give the product a consistent matt or semi-gloss appearance.


What is etching or satin finishing and how is it done?

Aluminium satin finishing relies on a chemical process to give the product a uniform matt or semi-gloss appearance while removing residual surface contaminants. It hides surface defects such as scratches or traces of lines from the dies and creates a uniform final finish.

This treatment is also carried out on aluminium that has been subjected to quick mechanical cleaning, making the surface more uniform.

The material is immersed in a tank containing a caustic soda solution at high temperature. The aluminium chemical etching process must be controlled by an experienced operator so the batch of the material sent by the customer is not ruined, or the process is not too gentle, yielding a poor result.
At Argos, our continuous search for aluminium etching with increasingly good results and consistent replicability ensures constant, professional performance.

The use of aluminium with matt finishes is widely used on everyday products, since they are clean, soft to the touch, and have a pleasant, blemish-free appearance. A great advantage of aluminium chemical etching is the absence of fingerprint residues, which cannot be seen on the matt surface of the object.

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