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Colored anodizing

Surface preparations for aluminium

Surface preparations are crucial in the treatment of aluminium, since they define the quality and appearance of the finished product.


The advantages of aluminium surface preparations

Surface preparations are crucial in aluminium treatments with respect to the quality and appearance of the finished product. Surface preparations give aluminium a range of properties that make it a winning, sophisticated product. If you care about the emotions your aluminium products evoke in customers, Argos is your ideal partner and point of reference for quality and professionalism.

With our efficient company structure and continuous updates, Argos responds dynamically and flexibly to every request, offering customized services and innovative solutions for various sectors.

Technology would be nothing without the passion, dedication and experience of our qualified team.

Argos sees to the entire processing and quality control cycle itself, from raw materials to the finished product ready for delivery.

List of available surface preparations:

A key factor: interaction

We have worked with aluminium for over twenty years, transforming rough surfaces into finished products. We have seen a lot of articles and solved countless requests over time, all of which has turned into experience.

Surface preparations for aluminium represent the features the product must have when it meets the customer or when it is touched and handled in a showroom. This is why we believe that the best results are obtained through interaction between the customer and the supplier, between requests and experience.

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