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Aluminium electrolytic colouring

Together with organic pigmentation, electrolytic colouring is one of the most effective methods for colouring aluminium.


How does electrolytic colouring work?

Together with organic pigmentation, one of the most effective methods for colouring aluminium is electrolytic colouring. After being anodized, the product is immersed in an acid solution containing metallic salts and subjected to an alternating current. Under these conditions, metal oxides deposit in the porous structure of the oxidize film, producing the characteristic colour of the metallic salt used in the process, generally ranging in colour from light brown or champagne to black.

Since 2008, Argos has relied on a new electrolytic colouring system with a length of 7000 mm and a height of 1250 mm (useful size). This allows us to create particular colours due to the pulsed wave system.

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