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Colored anodizing

Aluminium finishes and surface treatments

Argos works with aluminium surfaces and is a point of reference in the field of aluminium surface treatments.


The advantages of aluminium finishes and surface treatments

Argos provides aluminium surface treatments and is a point of reference in this field. Since 1990, we have been processing aluminium with high quality standards in line with any functional or design requirement.

We constantly invest in technical upgrades of our machinery, healthy environments and the expansion of production cycles, to meet market demands consistently and in a timely manner.

Post-anodizing treatments available:

The aluminium processing provided by our preparation and finishing departments meets all your needs for products treated with professionalism and expertise.

Aluminium surfaces that have been processed correctly acquire unique characteristics, such as improvements in atmospheric corrosion resistance, an increase in surface hardness, better wear resistance and improved abrasion resistance.

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