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Wear-resistant coatings and treatments

Argos wear-resistant coatings improve wear resistance, hardness and abrasion resistance.


Longer life for machinery and parts with wear-resistant coatings

The wear-resistant coatings applied by Argos Group are designed to offer the best in wear protection and abrasion resistance, guaranteeing greater efficiency and higher productivity, and extending the life of your machinery and parts.

The life of industrial equipment is very dependent on the wear and tear its is subject to. For this reason, Argos has developed wear-resistant treatments that are particularly effective against the abrasive action of certain materials such as fabrics and paper.

Through important research and the development of advanced techniques, you can choose different wear-resistant coatings: anodizing and hard anodizing, electroless nickel plating and thermal spraying.

Argos wear-resistant coatings, such as tungsten carbide and PlasmaCoat, as well as PEEK and ceramic coatings, are also applied by means of a hard metal on which a fluoropolymer layer with non-stick, sliding properties is applied. In this way, wear resistance is significantly improved and the production efficiency of the machine lasts over time.

Wear-resistant coatings can be used in all markets where elevated wear protection is required: in the automotive and mechanical sectors in general, but also in packaging, nonwoven fabrics and printing, ensuring more efficient production and lower maintenance costs.

Wear-resistant coatings by Argos Surface Technologies

Anodizing and hard anodizing

The anodizing and hard anodizing processes rely on an irreversible electrochemical process, guaranteeing corrosion protection, greater hardness of the base material and better lubrication, in addition to wear resistance.

Electroless nickel plating

In the electroless nickel-plating process, the coating is applied without the use of an electrical current, so it can be performed on base materials of any shape and on any substrate. Electroless nickel plating also results in very high uniformity, unlike what is obtained with electrolytic processes. Argos offers numerous nickel-based coatings: Niploy, Chenisil, Cheniflon and ENP SH.


The PlasmaCoat® thermal spraying treatment lends the surface hardness and abrasion resistance, combined with the non-stick, sliding properties of polymers. With PlasmaCoat®, high-performance ceramic coatings are also possible, conferring electrical insulation and low thermal conductivity in addition to hardness and abrasion resistance.

Areas of application for wear-resistance treatments

Argos wear-resistance treatments cover many areas of application where it is necessary to protect mechanical parts and machinery from wear and abrasion: packaging, aeronautics, printing and graphics, and the automotive sector represent the main markets of reference.

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