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Non-stick coatings and treatments

Non-stick treatments by Argos ST rely on the anti-adhesive properties of polymers. Perfect for creating non-adhesive hydrophobic surfaces!


The advantages of non-stick coatings and treatments

Argos is one of the leading Italian suppliers of industrial non-stick coatings and treatments.

Argos non-stick coatings rely on special polymers to create hydrophobic, non-stick surfaces that effectively prevent various substances from adhering to metal: adhesives, rubbers, glues, inks, paints, plastics, fabrics, leather and foods. In fact, by giving the surface structure a specific roughness, the contact area is reduced, thereby increasing the non-stick properties and detachment.

Our coatings are applied with a very resistant, special non-stick paint which guarantees excellent performance, even in the food sector.

Polymer treatments are usually required for industrial surfaces that are subjected to very high temperatures (up to 270°C). Their value also lies in the excellent non-stick properties they give the material. They release easily and are chemically inert.

This is why Argos non-stick coatings are requested and used by companies operating in the food and packaging sectors, in the production of cheeses, in the dairy sector, and in the production of foods in general, from pasta to coffee, candies, chewing gum and the confectionery sector.

Non-stick food coatings

In nearly the entire food-production sector, parts in contact with food are required to be non-stick and resistant to temperatures up to 270°C. The adoption of food-grade non-stick coating prevents or reduces the use of grease and oils that may potentially be toxic in the presence of high temperatures.

The choice of quality non-stick coatings increases the level of hygiene and safety throughout the entire production process, as well as increasing the productivity of food companies.

Surfaces coated with Argos non-stick treatments are therefore a real guarantee for those producing and processing cheese, pasta and other raw materials in compliance with the speed of the production cycle, cleanliness of the machinery and total safety of the finished product.

Our line of non-stick coatings

The primary coatings and special non-stick treatments provided by Argos include:

  • TempCoat® non-stick coatings

    TempCoat® is a non-stick coating based on fluoropolymers featuring extraordinary non-stick properties, sliding and corrosion protection. This type of coating allows machines and their components to be cleaned more easily, thus drastically reducing machine downtime.

  • PlasmaCoat® non-stick coatings

    This non-stick coating guarantees exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, thanks to an elevated hardness. By choosing the PlasmaCoat® coating, exceptional non-stick and hardness properties are also obtained. PlasmaCoat® is also available with increased roughness in order to confer traction. This special non-stick coating is also available with FDA approval should the coated material come into contact with food. It can be applied to all types of metals and light alloys. It resists chemical agents and can be used at temperatures up to 290°C.

  • TempCoat 1412® non-stick coatings

    This non-stick coating was designed for applications where exceptional non-stick properties are required for very sticky products, along with elevated chemical and mechanical resistance.
    It features excellent adhesion resistance and good traction with a rough surface.
    TempCoat 1412® is a special coating, applied at a low temperature, based on silicone with ceramic reinforcement. This type of coating is typically used in packaging systems and for the production of labels and adhesive tapes, e.g. idle rollers, traction rollers for tapes or films, motorized rollers, blades, block knives, plates, belt extractors, etc.

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