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Lubricating coatings and treatments

Lubricating coatings by Argos ST are designed to improve the efficiency of production cycles and extend the life of machinery.


Lubricating coatings to improve production efficiency and effectiveness

Dry lubricating coatings reduce costs allocated for traditional lubrication such as oil and grease, while eliminating risks deriving from possible seizing, reducing friction between the various parts and ensuring excellent performance. They also reduce costs related to machine downtime due to maintenance. Lubricating coatings, such as TempCoat 1001® and TempCoat®, can be applied to both machine parts and individual components.

Lubricating coatings may be employed in a variety of sectors, especially when traditional lubrication is difficult to apply. In fact, liquid lubricants have very limited application due to their composition. Depending on the load, temperature or processing debris, the fluid state of traditional lubricants may change, greatly reducing their protection capacities.

Under all these conditions, however, dry lubricating coatings remain intact, ensuring continuous and effective lubrication. In particular, lubricating coatings were designed to solve problems involving transmission parts, pistons, pins, bushings, gears, sliding guides, spindles, racks, tool holder cones, cams and valves.

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