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Coatings and treatments with electrically insulating materials

To improve the resistance of parts to moisture and corrosion, Argos ST has developed a line of electrical insulation coatings.


The best electrical insulation thanks to Argos

A sudden electrical discharge can pose a real lethal hazard, not to mention that in technical fields, these unexpected events can completely destroy all the electromechanical components in just a few seconds.

Electrical insulation coatings produced by Argos guarantees absolute resistance to moisture and chemical agents, extraordinary resistance to cold sliding and excellent resistance to heat and cutting. Coatings are mainly applied on coils and stators in fractional power motors.

For these types of electrical insulation coatings, Argos offers three different solutions to meet your specific needs:

  1. Halar® electrical insulation coatings:

    These are excellent coatings, especially with respect to chemical resistance. In fact, this line of products was designed specifically to protect metal parts from chemical aggression and provide excellent waterproofing capabilities, resistance to high temperatures and excellent thermal insulation.

  2. TempCoat® electrical insulation coatings:

    These coatings are chosen to provide the base material with excellent non-stick characteristics, chemical resistance and either electrical insulation or conductivity.

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