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Dry lubrication and dry lube film lubrication

Self-lubricating or dry lubrication coatings ensure extremely low coefficients of friction, even lower than that of ice.


What is dry lubrication used for in industry? What are self-lubricating coatings? To understand this, let’s start from a basic physical principle.

Dry lubrication: when is it needed and what advantages does it guarantee?

Physically, all moving bodies are subject to air friction. In industry, each mechanical component or gear in contact with another is in some way slowed down. Because of this, lubricants are used to reduce the force of friction.

As with other applications, lubrication techniques have gradually been perfected over time, guaranteeing increasingly high-performance results while enabling faster and more practical interventions. Above all, however, they respond to particular situations that prevent the use of ‘standard’ procedures. This is where dry lubrication comes in.

Characteristics of self-lubricating coatings

Dry lube film coatings lend the treated surface exceptional dry lubrication with a very low friction coefficient, lower than that of ice. This counters the need to apply additional lubricants, which are usually fluids designed to reduce friction.

Due to production needs, however, fluid products may not always be suitable. What happens then? Argos supplies dry lubricants precisely to meet these specific needs. Our innovative dry lubricants prevent direct contact between metals in gears, reducing wear and making the machinery last longer. It is clear that this drastically reduces the risk of seizing.

The performance of dry lubrication coatings is optimal when there is high friction.

Protecting machinery and gears from these risks means being able to count on continuous, uninterrupted cycles, therefore without wasting time and money.

To learn more about our surface coatings and the practical benefits of dry lubrication, browse our online catalogue or contact Argos customer support.

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