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Corrosion protection coatings and treatments

Argos corrosion-resistant coatings ensure the formation of chemical protection barriers on systems and machinery, reducing maintenance costs and improving production efficiency.


Corrosion-resistant coatings are designed and applied by Argos to guarantee high quality standards and higher long-term performance for your systems and machinery.

The choice of anti-corrosion coatings in various thicknesses depends on your specific requirements, but always ensures a chemical protection barrier for your equipment. These corrosion protection coatings come in thicknesses from 30 microns to a millimetre and are applicable to all markets where high corrosion protection is required, such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries and the oil & gas sector.

The advantages of corrosion-resistant coatings and treatments

Not only do Argos anti-corrosion treatments create protective barriers against aggressive acids, they also provide greater resistance to prolonged weathering.

At Argos, the customers who request corrosion-resistant coatings operate in a wide range of markets: leaders in the chemical and oil industries, but also in the automotive and aeronautics sectors.

Choosing Argos treatments for corrosion protection means not only creating safe working conditions, but also significantly reducing the maintenance costs of your machinery and equipment.

In fact, preventing corrosion of machine parts carries a number of benefits ranging from reduced maintenance-related downtime to improved production capacity. Argos corrosion-resistant coatings guarantee the formation of chemical protection barriers on systems and machinery, elevating quality standards and improving performance over time. A choice of thicknesses ranging from 30 microns to 1 millimetre ensures maximum versatility to meet every need.

Coatings for corrosion protection have a strong resistance to aggressive acids, chemicals and weathering. The great advantage of these treatments is the preservation of materials over time, with a considerable reduction in costs and improved production efficiency.

Argos relies on specific know-how and cutting-edge technology, springing from continuous research, which has led to the development of treatments such as:

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