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Anti-adhesive coatings and treatments

Anti-adhesive coatings and treatments are highly effective solutions for preventing glues and adhesive films from sticking.


Anti-adhesive coatings: the best non-stick effectiveness for glues and adhesive films

Argos anti-adhesive coatings are your solution for keeping machinery running smoothly without forcing a slowdown or even interrupting the production cycle with consequent loss of time and/or money, which would weigh on the company budget.

Non-stick coatings: what are they for?

Non-stick coatings fall in the category of industrial anti-adhesive coatings. Their main purpose is to create non-slip surfaces to guarantee excellent traction under all environmental conditions.

In fact, applying non-stick coatings minimizes residues of glue or ink on the surfaces of the parts. With this application, the machines remain clean after use, which also leads to greater longevity because they are less subject to wear over time.

This is why non-stick surface coatings in general, and non-stick coatings in particular, lead to savings in time and maintenance costs for your company.

The areas of application are potentially very wide and diverse. Think, for example, of the usefulness of these products in the packaging industry, in which the machinery comes into contact with glue, adhesive substances and/or PE and PP plastic films during use. The choice of the right non-stick coating can also depend on the average temperature at which the machines normally operate.

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