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Zinc coatings ensure safe, eco-friendly joints


The development of environmentally friendlycoatings for corrosion protection has been a strength at Argos Surface Technologies for many years.The stringent requirements placed on anti-corrosion coatings are often difficult to reconcile with customers’ current needs.

The excellent properties and attractive price of Argos coatings provide a clear competitive advantage and actively contribute to environmental protection.

Zinc flake coatings, thin and free of heavy metals, have been successfully applied by Argos for many years and are especially popular in the automotive industry and in joint technology.

The cathodic protection achieved by the sacrificial effectof zinc protects the coated components for a long time, with minimal damage from adverse environmental factors. With the application of additional layers of coating, the anti-corrosion action of the material can be further enhanced to conferdry lubrication.

Positive experiences with these coating systems and adaptation of our production facilities have contributed to our ability to coat even larger screws and threaded rods at a very low cost.

For example, threaded anchor bolts for wind turbine foundations are fitted with a zinc flake coating in order to protect parts from corrosion in the long term. With their length of more than 8 metres and a weight of around 80 kg, spraying the coating onto the anchor bolts is no problem, and can even be done only partially if necessary. Compared to other coating systems, the diameter and weight of each individual item are less important here.