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With Halar® you work better and in silence

with Halar you work better and in silence

Forklift trucks have many different uses: their compact design and easy manoeuvrability make them suitable even in tight spaces where logistics operations are required.

Long forklifts, on the other hand, are often an obstacle in everyday use, but are needed to move long goods or several pallets at once. For one-off use, there are fork extensions made, like the truck forks themselves, of steel. However, friction can often be created between metals when mounting or using the extensions. The result is a very loud noise that causes great discomfort for workers.

The ideal solution for reducing friction and wear, without sacrificing anti-slip properties

Argos ST can solve this annoying problem by coating the fork extensions with Halar® coating. This fluoropolymer, which is very versatile and available in various formats, significantly reduces noise when applied in a layer up to 4mm thick.

The Halar® coating is made of a special elastomer and is particularly flexible and exceptionally wear-resistant: the ideal solution for reliably eliminating noise and vibrations generated by friction between parts. Its high friction resistance also helps to reduce wear on sophisticated moving components, such as gears or parts of mechanical devices under stress.

Argos ST performs the coating on any type of fork, which can be fully coated or only in specific areas. It is also possible to create different coloured notches at predetermined distances to facilitate the forklift driver’s work.

Its extraordinary non-slip properties in both dry and wet conditions also make it suitable for handling slippery loads and protecting them from damage and scratches caused by contact with bare forks. Particularly suitable when there is a need to reduce noise in working environments, it is also suitable as a coating for bulk goods containers.

Chemical resistance, thermal resistance, low porosity and electrical insulation: the additional benefits of Halar

The multiple properties of this coating make it extremely versatile.

The Halar® coating is resistant to many chemicals, including aggressive acids, chlorine and caustic soda. This is why it is widely used in the chemical industry, e.g. on storage tanks, reagent tanks, agitators and measuring probes.

In addition to outstanding resistance to chemicals, Halar® also boasts great thermal resistance, and is able to retain its properties in environments ranging from -76°C to +150°C. It is also non-flammable.

Halar® is also suitable for coating many types of cables, offering a low dielectric constant and a high degree of electrical insulation, making it ideal for the telecommunications and microelectronics industries.

Finally, unlike PTFE or FEP-based coatings, Halar® coatings are very smooth and not very porous, making it difficult for bacterial colonies to establish. For this reason, they are also used in areas where cleanliness and sterility of the surface must be guaranteed, i.e. in the biomedical industry and the food chain.

For more than 20 years, Argos ST has been performing Halar® coatings for third parties. Thanks to its long and proven experience in the field, it has quality certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for treatments of this type.