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Two new major acquisitions have consolidated the growth of Argos Surface Technologies group


We are very pleased to report that the ambitious project to expand Argos Surface Technologies group is continuing with new, important steps.

Indeed, we are proud to announce the successful acquisition of two companies with proven experience and reliability, both based in Emilia Romagna:

  • TSM Srl, now Argos TSM Srl, is based in Minerbio (Bologna) and is active in fluoropolymer coatings and dry lubricants, sol-gel, PEEK and micro sandblasting of various types and sizes for the most varied industrial sectors;
  • Lualma Anodica Srl, based in Imola (Bologna), is a leader in aluminium anodizing with the widest range of treatments, finishes and colours dedicated to sectors ranging from furniture to lighting, from mechanics to packaging and the automotive industry.

Lorenzo Vergara and Mirko Fornasari at Argos TSM and Alberto Lelli at Lualma Anodica, confirmed as directors of their respective companies, guarantee continuity in the recognized quality and level of service and remain your contacts for each and every need.

With these two operations, the Group has solidified its standing as the Italian leader in the sector, adding further momentum and territorial coverage for surface treatments such as electroless nickel plating, hard anodizing, polymer and thermal spray coatings.