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Treatments for components in the truck sector 


The Argos ST Group’s Gonzaga plant is a leader in the field of surface treatments, thanks to a combination of advanced technology and custom solutions for various sectors. With over 40 years of experience and a huge range of treatments available, we can improve the performance and durability of components, offering custom solutions. Our partnerships with important customers in the truck sector is a clear example of this.

To satisfy the needs of these customers, we have optimised treatments for components of the frame and steel bodywork of vehicles. First and foremost, we have met the requirements of the detailed technical specifications provided by the customer, providing sandblasting, cataphoresis and powder-coating treatments for components of various dimensions and uses, from light metalwork to medium-heavy applications.

Treatment phases

Treatment of components for industrial vehicles requires a series of meticulous processes in order to guarantee resistance, durability and an impeccable finish. These processes are essential to guarantee maximum corrosion protection and to achieve a high-quality finish on components.

  1. Sandblasting: this is a crucial phase for removal of surface impurities, including oxides, mill scale and laser-cut edges. Sandblasting guarantees a clean and uniform surface, ready for subsequent treatments. This process is essential to guarantee that subsequent treatments adhere properly, extending the useful life of components.
  2. Cataphoresis: this anticorrosive treatment, used as a base layer, offers excellent levels of penetration even on enclosed or tubular structures. This method not only protects metal from corrosion, but also serves as the perfect substrate for subsequent coatings. Cataphoresis is particularly popular for its ability to reach hard-to-access areas, guaranteeing uniform protection.
  3. Powder coating: the final treatment phase is powder coating, using a Nordson HDLV system that enables an extremely high-quality finish. We offer a wide range of colours and outstanding resistance to UV rays, making this the ideal treatment for external components that need an impeccable finish. Powder coating not only looks great, but also offers additional protection against weathering.

Treatment and assembly capabilities

Our plants are designed to treat components of various sizes, from small accessory brackets for the cab interior to frame crossbars and reinforcements more than 2 m long. In addition, we have an assembly department where we can assemble components with threaded inserts and other specific applications, offering a comprehensive solution, from preparation to finishing.

The Argos ST Group’s Gonzaga plant not only offers high-quality surface treatments, but also provides custom solutions to meet the specific needs of every client, guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction and durability of components.