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Treated surfaces with antibacterial properties: the new technology by Argos Anodizing

Superfici trattate proprietà antibatteriche

Argos Anodizing has enriched its range of products with the introduction of new technology that makes treated surfaces antibacterial, thereby meeting a market request that has grown with the needs introduced by COVID-19.

This technology consists in the application of a new product that, in addition to sealing the anodized layer as required by current regulations, also contains a bactericidal substance. The product does not remain isolated on the surface, but rather binds to the structure of the oxide layer, which becomes permanently endowed with this quality.


Sealing at room temperature

Sealing consists in closing the pores of the oxide layer. This operation is performed in the final phase of the anodizing treatment and it is certainly a decisive step in the entire aluminium anodizing process.

Unlike traditional sealing, in room temperature sealing, the pores close not via hydration, but rather through filling via a chemical reaction with specific substances. Solutions based on nickel fluoride are generally used with the addition of other additives. In this case, a sanitizing product is used, which penetrates deep into the pore (5–7 microns) like the nickel fluoride. This leads to an antibacterial effect that lasts as long as the oxide layer itself.

The new technology guarantees focused bacteriostatic action on the treated metal surface. Aluminium immersed in the sealing solution inhibits the proliferation of bacterial colonies. This guarantees anodized aluminium products that comply perfectly with current regulations regarding quality standards (QUALANOD) and with antibacterial/germicidal surfaces.

The introduction of the innovative antibacterial cold sealing process in our range of treatments is the result of constant attention that the Argos Group pays to the study and identification of innovative technologies, and the desire to identify partners of excellence recognized as authorized Italian producers of nickel fluoride (REACH).


We would be happy to provide more details should you wish to learn more about our technology or compare it with other offers on the market. Contact our Argos Anodizing office.