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Thermal Spray coatings facilitate packaging processes


Over the years, Argos Impreglon, our group company based in Origgio, has specialised in special coatings for the food industry, which has always been an area of particular relevance and complexity due to the stringent regulations required to guarantee the safety of the parts handled.

A major packaging company, which processes a wide range of products such as muesli, soups, spices and dehydrated foods, had problems with adding powder sweeteners.

The fine, dry consistency of the powder, together with the rapid moisture absorption, required a coating with high abrasion resistance and good non-stick properties. The ‘duck-billed’ shape and the sealing of the package without moisture infiltration posed a challenge, as an ill-calculated distance between stations results in the loss of dust and possible damage to the coating.

The Thermal Spray plus fluoropolymer coating, proposed by Argos Impreglon, reconciles coating properties with a resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress.

The rough spherical surface and the non-stick properties of the polymer prevent dust from settling and enable filling without clumping or sticking to walls.

The metal matrix reinforces the polymer layer, increases the abrasion resistance of the coating and reduces friction between the filling stations.

Argos Impreglon also provided advice on coatings that extend coating life and ensure better synchronisation between filling stations!