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The potential of Rilsan® in the sphere of medical engineering: a new coating for medical boxes


Medical engineering requires precise and reliable solutions in order to guarantee the efficacy and safety of healthcare devices. For this reason, the surface coatings used undergo detailed checks and analysis to certify they are suitable for use in the medical field.

And what do you do when traditional coatings long used in this sector are unavailable? You find new and improved solutions!

This is exactly what was done by our Group’s Origgio plant in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, when it was contacted by an important manufacturer of medical products seeking a supplier able to fill a gap in the market due to unavailability of a traditional surface coating used for its equipment. Argos ST had the expertise to process the request and propose the polymer Rilsan® as an effective alternative. The new coating proved to be such a good choice that its use was continued even when the original coating became available again.

The Origgio plant immediately harnessed its skills to ensure optimised management of the coating of particularly large medical boxes for the US market, used to contain medical liquids and therefore requiring outstanding performance and aesthetics. Considering the delicate nature of the devices and significant dimensions of the boxes (approx. 1 m x 2 m x 1 m) the plant had to adopt custom solutions and special techniques to manage each coating phase.

Rilsan®: a functional coating with an outstanding finish

Before the actual application of the Rilsan® coating, the components of the boxes undergo preliminary cleaning in special chambers with chemicals suitable for use on components for the medical sector.

Know-how and technical expertise for an excellent service

Detailed knowledge of materials and application techniques for polymer coatings, developed through decades operating in the sector, enabled the Group’s plant to complete the order with excellent results, without delays and non-conformities, and with a very satisfied customer.

Efficient service and quick delivery times

With efficient organisation and optimised processes the production plant demonstrated its ability to guarantee a quick turnaround, averaging 4–5 working days.   The Origgio plant confirmed its status as a reliable, expert partner for companies in the healthcare sector seeking innovative solutions for their medical devices and equipment.