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The Argos Surface Technologies Group acquires 100% of Galvanotecnica Salvatori Bologna


This operation takes the turnover of the Argos Surface Technologies Group to 60 million Euro and boosts the group’s competitiveness in the sector by introducing the zinc-nickel treatment

The Argos Surface Technologies Group, which since 2020 has been grouping the leading companies in the surface treatments and coatings sector, has acquired 100% of Galvanotecnica Salvatori Bologna Srl, currently Argos GSB Srl, a company based in Castenaso (near Bologna) active in the galvanic industry for over 50 years, specialising in the zinc-nickel treatment.

The acquisition is part of a strategic build-up plan launched in 2020 by the private equity fund Gradiente II, managed by Gradiente Sgr, aimed at building a leading group in the surface treatment and coating sector covering all the main Italian segments of this industrial field. With this operation the Argos Surface Technologies Group reaches a turnover of 60 million Euro and further enriches its offer with new capabilities and services, thanks to the introduction of the zinc-nickel treatment – the group’s fifth business line.

“The acquisition of GSB will make us more competitive in the Italian surface treatments market,” explained Andrea Siano, the Chairman and MD of Argos ST “by enabling the group to develop an additional business line, focusing on zinc-nickel treatment, and expand its offer of services within Emilia, a strategic industrial region.”

The agreement was reached with the brothers Fabio and Luca Salvatori, who will remain in the BoD to support the new partner in the transitional phase.

“This operation takes us closer to being the reference in the Italian market,” added Carlo Bortolozzo, founding partner of Gradientecapable of combining an integrated treatment and coatings offer with an extensive territorial presence, while guaranteeing excellent standards of service in terms of complexity management and speed of execution”.

For Gradiente the operation was conducted by the founding partner Carlo Bortolozzo and by the investment manager Alberto Calgaro. Argos S.r.l. was assisted by the legal firm VGN Studio Legale for contractual and due diligence matters, Epyon Consulting for accounting and tax diligence, the NCTM Advant Studio Legale legal firm for the negotiation of the financing agreement and Studio Russo de Rosa e Associati for the structuring of the operation. The sellers were assisted by the financial advisor Carlo Conti and by the Gianni & Origoni legal firm.

The acquisition operation was financed by a pool of banks assisted by the Legance legal firm and made up of Crédit Agricole and Banco BPM.