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Technological excellence in the treatment of mats for thermal-processing equipment


The Argos ST Group’s Minerbio facility is a benchmark in the application of surface treatments using polymers. Recently, it has been focused on an important challenge for the food-packaging industry, treating mats for thermal-processing equipment positioned at the end of the production line and used for packaging with heat-shrink film.

Teflon® PFA non-stick, thermoprotective coating

The mats to be coated, which have a mesh or banded structure, need to resist extreme temperatures of up to 260°C. To guarantee effective protection, our plant uses the Teflon® PFA (perfluoroalkoxy alkane) coating, a fluoropolymer derived from PTFE, normally in the form of a partially crystalline powder and renowned for its resistance to high temperatures and aggressive chemical agents. Teflon® PFA is a thermoplastic that offers a series of technical benefits, including non-stick properties, sliding and chemical resistance. Teflon® coatings and treatments also give the treated material extraordinary thermal resistance, and Teflon® PFA in particular can withstand sustained temperatures up to 260°C and intermittent temperatures up to 310°C. All of these properties make it the ideal choice for high-temperature applications, such as mats for industrial thermal-processing equipment.

Teflon® PFA applied to mats for industrial thermal-processing equipment

Each production-line mat is composed of around 450 parts, which our plant processes with both new or renewal treatments. The latter involve various processing phases aimed at effective removal of the old coating, followed by sandblasting to guarantee a clean surface to which the new Teflon® PFA will adhere and, finally, application of the new coating to complete the renewal process. This procedure not only ensures the durability and effectiveness of mats for industrial thermal-processing equipment but also minimises machinery downtime, guaranteeing efficiency and continuous production for our customer. The Argos ST Group’s Minerbio facility has therefore confirmed its status as a centre of technological excellence, capable of offering high-quality custom solutions to meet the most complex needs of industry, and as a reliable partner for customers seeking advanced solutions for their production processes.