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TEC.RI.MET. Srl joins the Argos Surface Technologies Group


Acquired 100% of TEC.RI.MET Srl, a company from Bergamo specialising in surface treatments. With this transaction, Argos Surface Technologies consolidates its position as one of the leading Italian players in terms of size and offer in surface treatments.

Milan, 31.03.2022 – Argos Surface Technologies today finalised the full acquisition of TEC.RI.MET Srl a company based in Bergamo and a leader in high phosphorus chemical nickel plating with silicon carbide and PTFE composites.

Thanks to over 30 years of experience and plants equipped with the most advanced technologies, TEC.RI.MET Srl is able to guarantee quality at the highest level, competing with the most important companies in the field.

The agreement was reached with Mr Silvano and Mr Giuseppe Locatelli, founders of the company and entrepreneurs renowned in the market for their proven experience and expertise in the business.

Silvano and Giuseppe Locatelli were also confirmed at the leadership of the company, guaranteeing continuity in quality and service level, and remain the contact persons for all needs and requirements.

With the acquisition of TEC.RI.MET Srl, Argos Surface Technologies consolidates its position as the largest Italian player in the field.

The acquisition represents the continuation of a project to consolidate the treatment market undertaken in the summer of 2020 with the integration of Argos, Argos Anodizing and Argos Impreglon and the creation of the Argos Surface Technologies group which was joined by Argos TSM and Argos Lualma during 2021.

The acquisition will further strengthen the group’s service quality and territorial coverage in surface treatments such as chemical nickel plating, hard and aesthetic anodizing, and polymer and thermal spray coatings.