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Surface treatments with reduced environmental impact


Protecting the environment and reducing the impact of our processes is a fundamental issue for Argos Surface Technologies, precisely because we work with surface coatings and industrial chemical treatments.

The applications we carry out every day must be managed consciously to minimize our environmental impact.

In concrete terms, our commitment is expressed through:

  • The adoption of rigorous systems to manage our treatments in order to minimize their impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Close adherence to environmental regulations (UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and IEA – Integrated Environmental Authorization) through the choice of carefully selected, certified suppliers, experts in managing chemical waste to avoid ineffective and potentially harmful recycling.
  • The study of company procedures to limit consumption of resources and raw materials and eliminate waste.
  • The optimization of production processes: equipping plants with renewable energy systems (solar panels) has made our sites sustainable with respect to energy consumption.

Constant research and specialized know-how allow us to continuously improve the quality standards of our products and respect for environmental parameters.

The search for increasingly effective technologies and materials plays a strategic role in this daily commitment.

In fact, state-of-the-art coatings and treatments have a solid impact on the recycling and disposal of industrial parts. They protect parts from corrosion and consumption by extending their lifespan and, due to their non-stick properties, drastically reduce the use of detergents and chemical release agents used to clean production plants.

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