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Suction systems in adhesive tape manufacture


We were contacted by a large manufacturer of vacuum systems used in adhesive tape production; the vacuum cleaners rid the production line of all the debris that remains on the processing line after cutting the adhesive tape and smoothing the edges.

The waste is removed with the help of a powerful air suction system and is transported to the waste collection point via large aluminium pipes positioned above the processing line.

The problem encountered is that, with the traditional system, remnants of adhesive tape remain inside the pipe, especially in the bends where they stick and obstruct the flow of material.

During several tests, the inner surfaces and the aluminium sheets provided for the pipe bends were coated with TempCoat® and PlasmaCoat®: the first tests already produced the desired result, and the customer was fully satisfied with the new non-stick property of the surface.

Thanks to the coating, flow is optimised, scrap no longer sticks to surfaces, and long and costly downtime for pipe cleaning is no longer necessary.