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Springs ‘in action’ in systems engineering for the chemical industry


Argos Impreglon coatings are famous for their corrosion resistance, load-bearing capacity and extreme flexibility.

Customers active in plant engineering for the chemical industry, which requires exceptional corrosion resistance for springs (for example, in heavy-duty valves), have always relied on corrosion-resistant products in the Halar® line.

The inherent flexibility of these coatings allows springs to work without cracking the layers.

An often overlooked aspect of anti-corrosion coatings is the need to coat 100% of the surface, a requirement that contrasts with the fact that the treated part must be physically supported.

In most applications, this inconvenience can be overcome by resorting to a mould, but not when the piece must be completely immersed. This is where the Halar® corrosion protection system comes into play, because Argos Impreglon is able to coat components subject to heavy stresses — for example, large springs — without leaving even a small part of metal uncovered. The technology that allows this apparently insoluble problem to be overcome is one of the many advantages you can rely on by choosing Argos as a partner.

Argos Impreglon uses the Halar® anti-corrosion system to cover several hundred springs every year, ensuring a high-performance coating on 100% of the surface.

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