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Sol Gel increases production capacity of plastic moulds

non-stick-coating-molds-plastic material

The Sol-Gel coating is low-wear, extremely durable and withstands even high operating temperatures without difficulty.

It is also ideally suited for use on plastic mould surfaces on which extremely high tensile and torsional forces act during the removal of injection-moulded plastic parts.

Sol-Gel System: the durable, non-stick coating that always gives good results

Over the years, we have managed to save a PET bottle manufacturer high investment costs by simply coating its moulds with Sol-Gel. Instead of buying expensive new tools, old moulds were coated. In this way, it is possible to increase production efficiency even under the new processing conditions, a factor of a prime necessity today.

Thanks to the new coating, the bottles no longer stick to the mould or release residues. A further advantage: maintenance of the production system can be carried out at longer intervals, thus reducing the duration of production downtimes.

In the case of this system, the procedure was quite easy: we removed the old coating and applied ours. The coating process requires minimal preparation. In a nutshell, it can be said that in the case of plastic extruders, a thinner blasting profile is required to achieve a smooth and durable surface finish and thus to have unchanging products over time.

After the application of the layer follows the curing phase, which allows the formation of a particularly resistant non-stick layer.

Other advantages include increased production capacity at optimum speed and reduced energy consumption.