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Seismic isolation bearings: nickel coatings from Argos ST to ensure safety and durability

nickel plating anti-seismic components-blue

When designing and building bridges and seismically sensitive infrastructure, anti-seismic supports play a fundamental role in guaranteeing safety and durability. The supports are special components designed to absorb mechanical stress generated by the passage of light and heavy vehicles, based on the specific application, such as on bridges, viaducts and railways, and the environmental conditions in which they are installed, including roads, motorways or coastal areas.

Anti-seismic supports must be treated to ensure they continue to function properly over time and prevent premature deterioration caused by weathering and mechanical stress. In this context, Argos ST handles important orders providing application of chemical nickel coatings. Once treated with nickel, components have a high resistance to deformation and elongation, enabling them to withstand intense stress without structural damage. Additionally, Argos ST offers effective corrosion protection, which is essential to guarantee the durability of anti-seismic supports in extreme environments.

The choice of Argos ST coatings over other available solutions is determined by their reliability and industrial repeatability. Chemical nickel coating processes offered by our Group ensure even, uniform application of the nickel over components, guaranteeing effective protection that lasts. Tear strength and resistance to mechanical stress is of vital importance for the correct functioning of anti-seismic supports and our coatings comprehensively meet all requirements.

In addition to technical advantages, the use of Argos ST nickel coatings also offers economic benefits. The durability of coated components reduces the need for maintenance and replacement, resulting in a significant saving in the long term. On top of this, the repeatability of the coating process enables efficient mass production, guaranteeing availability of high-quality components for seismically sensitive infrastructure.