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Quality coatings for plastic surfaces


The increasingly competitive automotive market demands constant investment in technology for the production of quality coatings for high-performance plastics.

Depending on the application, these transparent, or even highly reflective, coatings increase the resistance of the substrate to abrasion and chemicals, preventing fogging, improving static-proof properties and making surfaces glare-free. Depending on the coating, these different features can be combined.

Here is an example from the automotive industry. We were chosen by a well-known car manufacturer to coat the surface of control buttons for protection from the effects of creams and cosmetics, sweat and abrasion. An added requirement was that this protective cover also had to be transparent.

A particular challenge involved the metallized polycarbonate cover for the gearstick which shows the gear pattern. The coating is applied last in the production process, so the application possibilities were limited.

Argos Impreglon does, however, have several types of coatings available. In this case, we chose to apply a a layer of polysiloxane coating, a type of silicone, to the very flexible polycarbonate cover. The layer was less than 10 µm thick but the result was excellent abrasion resistance and exceptional protection.

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