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Polymer coatings for the renewable-energy sector: a new challenge for Argos ST


The Argos ST Group’s Origgio plant, which is specialized in polymer coatings (spray deposition applicable to a wide range of materials such as metals, carbon fibre and plastics) and thermal spraying (a coating that combines the typical properties of polymers, i.e. sliding and non-stick, with the hardness and abrasion resistance of thermal spraying), has recently distinguished itself in the renewable-energy sector with a strategy aimed at optimising the treatments and services it provides.    This Group facility has demonstrated its cutting-edge approach to providing innovative and effective solutions to meet the specific demands of the sector, making a significant contribution to the progress and sustainability of renewable energy.

Preparatory study: a new service to ensure optimisation of every process

Collaboration with a customer in 2022 launched a partnership with extraordinary results in terms of improving treatments. Initially, treatment of cast-iron turbines for renewable-energy plants was a challenging process due to contamination of the finished components. However, an in-depth study conducted alongside the customer by the technical team at Origgio identified an innovative solution: treatment of the raw components immediately after unmoulding using Rilsan® polyamide, which ensures outstanding hardness, corrosion-resistance and electrical insulation.   This approach has eliminated the need for initial thermal cleaning, significantly simplifying the process, avoiding the risk of inhalation of toxic fumes during thermal cleaning and reducing overall processing costs.   Close collaboration between supplier and customer and a constant commitment to improvement has led to an increase in supply relationships from two to three in 2023. Management of the service has been further optimised enabling a reduction in delivery times to just 4–5 working days. This is significantly better than competitors quoting up to 14–15 days.   Optimisation is not limited to management of the service, but also includes constant support for customers throughout all phases of the order. A detailed preliminary study, conducted by the plant’s technical lab in cooperation with the customer (made possible by the company’s structure and consolidated expertise in the sector) proved to be a winning approach to quickly identify the best solution.

Polymer coatings for cast-iron turbines

In this case, our work involved the treatment of turbine rotors, with almost 800 units already fully processed, and without the need for masking, thanks to the preliminary study. This approach has streamlined the workflow, reducing processing times and optimising use of resources.   Argos ST’s Origgio plant has once again demonstrated how the optimisation of treatments and services, combined with close collaboration with customers, can enable excellent results also in complex markets such as that of renewable energy. The ability of the production plant to adapt to the specific needs of the sector and offer customised solutions has made a significant contribution to the progress and sustainability of the renewable-energy sector, making Argos ST a benchmark in the field of polymer treatments and thermal spraying.