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Motorcycle pneumatic valves: which treatments perform best?


The technology level reached by motorbike manufacturers in recent years is extremely high and covers all areas of production, so much so that today a modern road bike has little to envy from racing models.

In addition to braking systems, the details of which we have already gone into in a dedicated article, Argos has also been successfully treating tyre valves (for road and non-road motorbikes) for many years with anodizing processes.

Valvole per gli pneumatici.
Tyre valves. 

The most requested services by the market are traditional anodizing or colour anodizing (with a clear predominance of black), with the possibility of Teflon® (PTFE) impregnation. In this case, in addition to treatment following UNI-EN-ISO 7599, a 100% visual inspection is prescribed to check and segregate parts with aesthetic defects.


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