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Optimized medical measuring instruments


Argos Impreglon improves the smoothness of pipette tips.

Many laboratory analyses are carried out every day and the measuring instruments used in medical practices, clinics and laboratories also include those used to determine blood clotting values.

The instrument in question takes blood from a test tube using a pipette tip and transfers it to the measuring station. The tubes are closed with a rubber stopper that is perforated before making the measurement. Due to relatively high friction, when the needle pierces the cap, a strong scrape is felt and the needle begins to vibrate.

To prevent the tip from breaking, the rubber cap should be pierced slowly and gently. However, by coating the pipette needle with Impreglon coatings, the friction is reduced considerably, so the needle can pierce the cap many times and much more precisely. In addition, the tip experiences less surface wear, so it does not have to be replaced so often.

The measuring instrument operates faster and quieter, because the product quality is improved.

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