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No more costly maintenance with PlasmaCoat®


Innovative Thermal Spray coatings are the solution to abrasion!

A major plastic film manufacturer had experienced difficulties with adhesion and poor roller glide in one of its plants. Argos solved the problem by coating the rollers with PlasmaCoat®, a plasma spray and ceramic coating that combines the hardness and abrasion resistance characteristics of thermal spray coatings with the non-stick and sliding properties of polymers.

Thanks to the innovative spirit of our company and its profound knowledge of materials, gained through the excellent coating of hundreds of rollers, costly maintenance operations due to the cleaning of film residues on the surface are now a thing of the past. This means greater production efficiency, as maintenance time on the rollers has been reduced in actual operations and frequency.

The Argos Surface Technologies group companies can offer a customised coating for applications that develop low or high friction; this allows you to choose a roller with good traction properties or one with good driving characteristics.

The coating can also be impregnated with a non-stick product, which further facilitates cleaning and improves non-stick properties. The latter variant is preferred, especially when the surface of the plastic is moulded or sticky.