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Natural and hard anodizing for the marine industry

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The yacht industry has some of the most demanding standards in terms of corrosion, wear and abrasion resistance of components. Argos ST’s Opera plant, a leader in hard and natural anodizing, excels as a trusted partner, offering advanced and custom solutions for the treatment of yacht components.

Anodizing for the nautical industry

The Argos ST Group’s Opera plant is a leader in the field of hard and natural anodizing, specialising particularly in treatments for yacht components exposed to frequent wear and corrosion stress.  One of the most important of the many nautical components treated, in terms of volumes and its critical nature, is the family of winches of various sizes and gauges used on small vessels and large yachts. There is a huge range of accompanying components and items customised to meet the customer’s specific requirements. In addition to winches, we treat sterndrives, which are often submerged in the water during use and therefore require anodizing treatment.

Innovation and prototyping

We have developed innovative prototypes for important customers in the yacht sector, for use on sailing and motor vessels, including mega-yachts. These projects include hard anodizing, an essential step for components exposed to wear, abrasion and corrosion. Our treatments demonstrate the Group’s ability to adapt to the specific technical requirements of the sector, whilst guaranteeing superior performance and durability.


Traceability and reliability: the FREE PASS system

Particular attention is placed on the management and packaging of products. Our packaging and packing solutions differentiate our service, with a strong focus on the traceability of the entire process.
The FREE PASS system is a quality-control procedure used to ensure that products are compliant with required standards prior to shipping them out to customers.
With the FREE PASS system, every product is carefully checked by the Argos ST Group quality-control team prior to packing and shipping. This process not only ensures compliance with high standards of quality, but also full traceability of every item, offering our customers greater security and reliability of products received.  Argos ST has made a commitment to the yacht sector that goes beyond the treatments themselves, becoming a benchmark for quality, innovation and reliability. Thanks to the Opera plant and FREE PASS quality-control system, we guarantee anodised components that meet the highest performance and durability requirements.