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MOSE in Venezia


At Argos, one of our most recent and prestigious orders concerns a nickel plating treatment on operational units for the entire MOSE system in Venice.

These involve mechanical parts which together allow the 78 mobile gates to be opened and closed, completely protecting Venice from high water.

These sluice gates consist of large metal boxes connected to the related housing boxes via hinges, the technological heart of the system, which secure the gates to the caissons and allow them to move.

MOSE Venice Argos

The parts treated by Argos, which are vital for the way in which MOSE opens and closes, must ensure constant, perfect operation for a very long time. They must resist strong corrosion due to sea water, maintaining the surface properties of the parts to guarantee operation of the system.

FIP Industriale, a company in the Mantovani Group, created the hinge-connector unit in compliance with the strictest requirements and regulations on mechanical resistance and corrosion as dictated by Works Management under the Ministry of Infrastructure. It asked Argos to define cycles and procedures that would guarantee absolute compliance with the strict parameters imposed by the supply specifications.

With its technology and know-how, and in full collaboration with accredited external laboratories to control and verify the surface coatings, Argos defined the requested cycles and procedures with related tests. Its Niploy coating, tested on each individual piece (over 2000 pcs, even large ones), surpassed the desired values and parameters, most importantly the zero porosity of the coating on the various parts, including threads.

This led to an even greater increase in the level and performance of Argos electroless nickel plating, so it can face even the most critical fields of application with the tranquility and awareness that only skill and more than thirty years of experience in the field can guarantee.