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Minerbio plant adopts new manual washing system for metal products

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Pretreatment is a key phase in the processing of metal components that will undergo surface treatments. Specifically, prewashing plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the quality and durability of coatings applied to metal parts. This process enables removal of contaminants such as grease, oil, dust and other pollutants that can compromise adhesion of the coating and its corrosion resistance. Washing also removes any surface impurities that could negatively impact the end result.

To ensure optimal quality and reliability of polymer coatings, Argos Surface Technologies has recently introduced a new system at its Minerbio facility. This system uses a Reys Metal Washing machine designed for manual washing of metal components and is equipped with innovative functionality making it a valuable tool for optimisation of production processes.

One of the distinctive features of this new technology introduced by the Company is the presence of environmental safety devices, which ensure that the working environment is healthy and protected. The pretreatment operator, working outside the washing chamber, can perform their tasks in complete safety. The machine remains closed throughout the washing cycle, avoiding dispersion of solvents and detergents into the environment and thus protecting the health of workers. Special openings allow the operator to insert their hands, protected by gloves, into the washing tank and perform cleaning operations safely and efficiently. In addition, all solvents and detergents used are carefully collected in a specially designed containment tank. These are later reused, contributing to a reduction in waste and optimised use of resources.

The Reys Metal Washing machine is an innovation in the field of cleaning metal surfaces. The brand is distinguished by professional products for use in various industrial sectors that pay close attention to the environment and regulatory compliance. The industrial metal washing machines are created in AISI 304 and use warm water and eco-friendly industrial detergents. These machines are ideal for washing pieces of various dimensions, both large and small, and suitable for medium-high levels of production.

Before installing the new pre-washing system, metal components were washed in a range of different ways, including vacuum washing. However, not all products could be treated with this process, making it necessary to adopt new solutions to optimise the cleaning process.

The choice to adopt a new system represents an operational improvement for the Minerbio plant, which can process a greater number of items in less time, also enabling simultaneous washing of small components, thus optimising process efficiency.

The Reys machine purchased by the Argos ST Group makes it possible to offer greater versatility and adaptability to customer requirements, cleaning components with dimensions up to 1 metre x 500 mm and even handling elements with complex shapes that were not adequately treated in the past.

One clear example of the efficacy of the new system is the ability to carry out pre-washing of the car bodies for luxury vehicles. Using the mechanical pistol on the machine, even holes and hard-to-reach areas, previously very difficult to manage with traditional methods such as ultrasonic cleaning, now undergo a comprehensive cleaning process. This has enabled Argos ST to guarantee complete and efficient cleaning of components.

With introduction of this new system, Argos Surface Technologies confirms its position at the forefront of the surface-treatments sector, offering innovative and sustainable solutions and guaranteeing superior service quality.