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Maximized production with robotic systems


Guaranteeing maximum quality of the coatings applied to complex geometries, special materials or high alloys means devoting technical and economic effort to investing in resources and equipment that allow you to perform non-standard processes in compliance with the most complex technical specifications.

These needs have led to the Argos Group’s decision to equip its sites in Cambiago and Monteveglio with cutting-edge technology and instrumentation.

Over the years, we have introduced ultrasonic cleaning vessels and a fully robotized production plant.

Ultrasonic cleaning vessels

This special equipment uses ultrasonic technology to clean parts, eliminating any impurities in just a short time.

Ultrasonic vibrations are transmitted through the water, creating oxygen bubbles that implode, with a deep action on the materials to be treated.

Ultrasonic cleaning is particularly appreciated when preparing parts subject to surface finishing, such as electroplating or when recovering the function or appearance of worn objects.

Robotic production plant

In order to ensure the utmost industrialization of our surface treatments on large quantities and batches, a fully robotized operating system has been implemented.

This innovative technology allows us to operate on a large scale without losing the valued flexibility which leads to efficiency, even when working on small orders with innovative, though traditionally managed systems.

The introduction of this innovative technology, which is unique in the sector, has allowed us to combine controlled and specific work cycles as increasingly requested by customers in the automotive and aeronautics/aerospace markets.

Finally, our software-based production management allows us to optimize operational sequences and reduce inefficiencies by maximizing production flows and superior quality processing.