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Innovative treatments for the automotive industry: Three new applications


The Argos Surface Technologies Group has established itself as a benchmark in the field of coatings and surface treatments, particularly for applications in the automotive sector. Extensive experience in this market over many years of operations at each of our Group’s plants, and the wide range of treatments available, enable us to provide coatings and treatments that improve the performance and durability of automotive components, offering custom solutions for the specific requirements of each customer.

Teflon®, Sol Gel and hard anodizing: three treatments for the automotive sector

Three group plants have recently distinguished themselves with three specific applications, achieved using hard anodizing and polymer coatings. These treatments are employed in the automotive industry for the high levels of performance and important benefits offered.

The coatings selected are Teflon ® and Sol Gel. The former guarantees exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, making it ideal for components exposed to extreme conditions under the hood, while the latter, with its resistance to UV rays and abrasion, is particularly suitable for exteriors and parts exposed to weathering.

Finally, hard anodic oxidation treatment provides aluminium parts with greater hardness and increases adhesion properties and corrosion resistance, guaranteeing the durability of treated components.

Three automotive applications

There is constant and rapid innovation in the world of two and four-wheeled vehicles, making it one of the markets where production efficiency is most critical for the success or failure of a company. This is why our customers seek out Argos ST Group plants for extremely high-quality processes, performed with speed and precision. Let’s explore three recent applications.

Teflon® coating for grilles: increased resistance for high temperatures

The Minerbio plant regularly manages Teflon® treatments for an Italian manufacturer of luxury automobiles. Positioned next to the silencer, the grilles treated need to be resistant to high temperatures and maintain an impeccable finish over time. This explains the choice of a Teflon® coating capable of resisting temperatures up to 260°C without issue.

At the end of the treatment process, each part undergoes strict quality control to ensure proper adherence of the treatment and to catch any defects. Finally, on specific request of the customer, the grilles are bubble-wrapped and packaged—along with the other five components making up the structure—in special crates to avoid any damage in transit. The Minerbio plant’s additional-service capabilities and excellent quality standards have enabled a solid partnership with the customer, with work also beginning for other car models.

More resistant brackets with Sol Gel

The Origgio plant is specialised in processing brackets for Italian luxury cars, treated with Sol Gel, a water-based ceramic coating. This gives materials exceptional resistance to UV rays and any solvents or grease, also providing hardness, and resistance to abrasion, high temperatures and extreme weather conditions.

The brackets treated fall into two groups: smaller brackets used to gather electrical cables and larger brackets used around the silencer.

Before establishing an ongoing partnership, the plant conducted preliminary testing that enabled them to guarantee full observance of the customer’s quality specifications. The ability to manage large processing batches (up to 4,000 pieces per order) and to provide custom services, has enabled the Origgio plant to become a trusted partner of the automotive company.

Anodised crankcase covers: maximum resistance and an excellent finish

The Opera plant is specialised in anodizing and hard anodizing (used when there is a need for particularly high resistance to wear and corrosion, and optimal sliding).

For years, the plant has worked with key players in the motorbike industry and has recently been contacted to provide hard-anodizing treatments on crankcase covers for a racing-model motorcycle.

The order required particular attention to ensure an excellent finish, additional quality-control services and a custom packaging service. The ability to provide custom solutions and guarantee high quality proved once again to be the key to success.

The innovative treatments offered by different Business Units of the Argos Surface Technologies Group play a central role in guaranteeing lasting high performance in automotive sectors, contributing to the success and competitive edge of companies in the sector. With the expertise of individual plants and an ability to offer custom solutions, the Group continues to serve as a highly reliable partner for the automotive industry.