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Hard anodizing: an effective treatment for coordinate measuring machine frames


The Argos ST group’s Opera site, which specialises in anodizing treatments, was recently contacted for the coating of beams for coordinate measuring machines. These components are essential to guarantee effectiveness and precision dimensional control. Hard anodizing proved to be the perfect solution to protect the frames, maintaining high quality standards and precision.

Hard anodizing: preserving the integrity of components

Coordinate measuring machines require components that meet strict levels of precision. Every detail counts and the frames supporting these machines must also meet extremely high standards. Even the smallest mark or imperfection can compromise the accuracy of measurements. This is why the right surface treatment is essential.

The importance of hard anodizing

Argos ST hard-anodized frames processed at the Opera plant undergo a 35 micron (+5/-5) hard coating process, in accordance with standard UNI 7796:2010. This treatment offers exceptional resistance to wear and anti-corrosion properties, guaranteeing lasting protection even under challenging conditions. Hard anodizing creates a thicker and more resistant layer of aluminium oxide compared to other forms of anodizing, offering reliable protection for the beams of coordinate measuring machines.

Technical requirements and special procedures for treatment of frames

Considering that the axes of coordinate measuring machines have a minimum length of 3 m, they occupy an entire bath during the anodizing process. Argos ST has special equipment and procedures to handle the frames, in order to guarantee uniform and high-quality treatment. This attention to detail is essential in order to preserve the structural integrity and precision of the frames during the anodizing process.

Benefits of hard anodizing for coordinate measuring machines

Hard anodizing offers numerous benefits: in addition to protection against corrosion and wear, this surface treatment maintains the aesthetic finish of the frames over time. On top of this, corrosion resistance improves the life and reliability of the frames, minimising the need for unscheduled maintenance and replacement of parts.