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Greater corrosion resistance for automatic flow control systems

corrosion resistance for automatic system-blue

Resistance to chemical substances has become one of the key considerations for manufacturers of automatic flow control systems, technical devices used to control and measure the flow of liquids or gases in specific industrial processes.

This equipment is used to guarantee precision and manufacturing efficiency in various sectors, including automotive, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, which often adopt processes involving aggressive chemical substances.

On the basis that the components of these systems may also come into contact with chemical agents, causing corrosion and damages to metal parts, it is essential that automatic measurement and control devices are resistant to corrosive substances and guarantee system stability.

PEEK polymer coatings for automatic flow control systems

To meet this requirement, Argos Surface Technologies offers an innovative solution involving application of a PEEK polymer coating on the sheet metal used to create control panels units.

The PEEK (polyether ether ketone) is a thermoplastic polymer with high levels of mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance (it is resistant to salts, water/steam, alkaline products, acids and aromatic hydrocarbons). All of these properties make it the ideal material for industrial applications requiring a high level of resistance to chemical agents. It is also easy to process and corrosion resistant.

Use of this polymer guarantees greater resistance for metal components of control devices, so that they last longer. The matt black colour of the PEEK material also enables use of a photoelectric cell for measurement.

This solution has been developed to help manufacturing and service companies to increase efficiency levels, saving time and money and protecting the environment. In addition, control-device manufacturers using this technology can finally offer high-quality products that are built to last, increasing customer satisfaction.

The market demands high-quality coatings with a focus on the environment.

Increasing numbers of companies are investing in research and development for new materials and coatings that can improve the resistance of components to chemical products and guarantee the safety and efficiency of industrial processes.

The Argos Surface Technologies Group is on the frontline in this challenge. Its approach to identifying ready-to-use solutions is rooted in excellent specialised expertise developed through decades of experience in the field of surface coatings, which it harnesses to implement technology developed in collaboration with universities and R&D divisions. This approach establishes advanced networks and research communities, with the aim of improving quality of life through the development and integration of technology.