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Friction-free containers for diagnostic centres


Very thin, very smooth and resistant: with the application of Argos Impreglon coatings, we have produced layers with these characteristics to protect aluminium containers intended for use in histology laboratories.

The excellent non-stick properties of the coating are obtained using polymer and fluoropolymer layers, which, with an additional reinforcement layer, also acquire wear resistance. Furthermore, the smooth, resistant surface obtained with the coating allows for easy maintenance and cleaning before the next use.

In the laboratory, the tissue sample is dried and immersed in liquid paraffin at 80°C and a pressure of 150 mBar. The process is carried out automatically under vacuum, and, after it hardens, the sample impregnated with paraffin can be removed from the container very simply, without effort or additional tools.

With the correct surface treatment, we have been able to standardize and automate the process of producing tissue samples for histological examinations.

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