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Everything runs smoothly with TempCoat 1001®


Impreglon introduces you to TempCoat 1001®, an excellent ally for low-friction treatments. Forget traditional coatings. With its special combination of fluoropolymers and graphite, the TempCoat 1001® line guarantees a drastic reduction in friction and seizing, a low friction coefficient and dry lubrication.

The TempCoat 1001® treatment relies on a fluorocarbon polymer base that revolutionizes the concept of coating. It is no longer just a coating, but a product that impregnates the surface and eliminates the risk of detachment and flaking, maintaining its characteristics, even after the surface layer wears down.

Why choose TempCoat 1001®? This coating is compatible with almost all metals. When applied to pins, bushings, transmission parts, cylinders, pistons, drawing dies, gears, threaded rods, etc., it reduces the need for lubricants until, in some cases, they are no longer needed at all.

TempCoat 1001® reflects our company: high quality, guaranteed durability and constant research in technological innovations. Our service means your success.

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