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Colour anodizing with a wood effect: the elegance of ash and wenge for furnishings

colour anodizing with a wood effect – blue

Colour anodizing offers infinite options for personalisation of furnishings, and one of the most eye-catching finishes is the wood-effect finish. These two-colour finishes recreate the look of natural woods, such as ash and wenge, and are very popular due to elegance and refined quality.

Our plant in Imola offers its customers these extraordinary finishes, drawing on extensive experience in the treatment of anodized aluminium. Expertise developed in the surface treatment sector enables the company to create a full range of two-colour wood-effect finishes on aluminium profiles and small parts for many different applications. 

Wood-effect colour anodizing: the refined look of ash and the elegance of wenge

The ash-effect finish is light, with veining and nuances mirroring natural wood: perfect to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in spaces such as living areas, kitchens, bedrooms and offices. With its colour anodizing, the ash-effect finish on anodized aluminium is resistant to wear, bad weather and chemical agents, guaranteeing a lasting product that is easy to maintain.

The wenge-effect finish, on the other hand, has a darker and richer wood tone, with deep and intense veining, which make it ideal for elegant and sophisticated spaces such as sitting rooms, professional studies, conference rooms and luxury restaurants. The wenge-effect finish on anodized aluminium is also highly resistant and long lasting, making it perfect for furnishings undergoing intensive use.

Two-colour wood-effect finishes are created with meticulous attention to detail. Use of advanced colour anodizing techniques and skilful effects created with sanding brushes, it is possible to achieve a realistic result that looks just like wood, with veining and nuances that vary based on the type of wood-effect chosen. These finishes can be applied to aluminium profiles for curtains, mirror frames, door and window frames, kitchen skirting, profiles for doors and cupboard doors, furnishing accessories and many other furnishing components. Finally, the treatment can also be used on any flat surface. 

Anodizing with wood-effect finish: new design and customization opportunities

Use of wood-effect two-colour finishes offers many opportunities for design and customisation. These finishes fit perfectly into various styles of furnishings, from classic to contemporary, adding a natural, warm touch to spaces. On top of this, the huge range of colours available for colour anodizing make it possible to match wood-effect finishes with other colours or finishes, creating unique and original combinations that can be adapted to the preferences and taste of customers.

Wood-effect finishes can be used in a variety of different contexts, including interior furnishings for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, shops and other commercial spaces. This type of treatment offers an elegant and sustainable alternative to natural wood, because anodized aluminium is a lightweight, resistant, durable and recyclable material. Colour anodizing offers additional benefits such as resistance to humidity, marking and discolouration over time, making these finishes ideal also for environments with high exposure to water or sunlight. Their resistance and durability mean that anodized aluminium furnishings are very low maintenance and retain their beauty and integrity over the years.

To summarise, two-colour wood-effect finishes using colour anodizing offer a unique and versatile design option for furnishings, with the possibility to recreate the natural look of ash, wenge and other woods. With the experience and technology of Argos Surface Technologies Group plants, these finishes are created with precision and excellent quality, offering realistic and lasting results. These treatments can enhance spaces with a touch of elegance, sustainability and originality, meeting the requirements and taste of even the most demanding customers.