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Colour anodizing for curtain profiles: an aesthetic and protective choice

colour anodizing for curtain profiles

Colour anodizing is a chemical treatment applied to aluminum to improve its resistance to corrosion and to give the surface a uniform and long-lasting colour.

Argos Lualma, a Bologna-based company acquired by Argos Surface Technologies Group in 2021, can boast over 30 years of experience and know-how in the field of colour anodic oxidation, chemical brightening and aluminium polishing.

Nowadays, the company stands out for its specific expertise and particular attention to coloured finishes for furniture and design products.

Colour anodizing for interior curtains: three case studies

The manufacture of furnishing accessories requires scrupulous attention to details: the profiles for interior curtains are a clear example.

The same aluminium profile, crafted with different shades and specific pre-treatments, can give life very different final products, in terms of style and aesthetics.

For example, a brushing process gives a particular scratched effect, simulating the grain of the wood in perfect shabby chic style; on the contrary, a chemical satin treatment makes the aluminium profile elegant and sophisticated, a refined detail for modern taste homes.

Argos Lualma is able to propose a wide range of preparatory interventions, very crucial in the aluminum surface treatment, to guarantee both quality and aesthetics of the result.

Colour anodizing in brown-olive shade with tape brushing
Colour anodizing in brown-olive shade with tape brushing.   

In the first picture, the result of a colour anodizing intervention in the brown-olive shade with tape brushing, which gives the detail a rustic, natural and bright appearance, perfect for country-style environments. At the same time, the brushed finish dramatically increases the resistance to wear and corrosion.

In addition to the brown-olive shade, specific for furniture and interior design accessories, Argos Lualma also offers the following shades: silver (the basic colour), black, bronze, gold, smokey and a technical electro-colour (conceived for outdoor projects).

Colour anodizing with bright cleaning
Colour anodizing with bright cleaning.   

In the image above: upon a special customer request, Argos Lualma has created special colour that reminds the warm shade of caramel. The mirroring finish, obtained with a glossy cleaning process, gives the profiles a shiny brilliance, able to reflect the light like reeds in the sun.

Black colour anodizing with chemical brightening and glossy cleaning
Black colour anodizing with chemical brightening and glossy cleaning.   

Here above, an example of a very popular and appreciated finish for curtain profiles: chemical buffing and glossy cleaning in black colour: the treated product is characterized by the final bright and “vinyl” appearance, which enhances the colour and creates an atmosphere of elegant sophistication.

In conclusion, colour anodizing is the ideal solution for furniture designers and companies that aim to connote their aluminium accessories with a unique and distinctive style, without compromise on high protection and resistance.